Own. Streamline. Share.

Why use Archinet™?

We created Archinet to simplify and declutter the design and construction process. Conceived and built by architectural professionals, Archinet empowers you to own all facets of the project, streamline the design and delivery process, and log all project-related communications no matter where you are using a suite of helpful apps.


Own the project from start to finish. If Location A and Location M need to replace a chair, you can quickly search for the furniture specs by logging into Archinet from anywhere and order a replacement by contacting the vendor directly. You'll have everything you need at your fingertips no matter how long it has been since the original spec sheets were uploaded.


Rolling out a standard across multiple locations? Archinet will serve as a central place for your project information so that you can track each location's progress and ensure that things like paint colors and furniture specifications remain consistent between each site.


Excited to see how far along construction is going? When your architect visits the site, he or she can snap photos and upload them to your project in real time. Gone are the days of snapping photos, bringing the camera back to the office to upload them, and cramming them into an impossibly large email.

We've been here since 2003, and have the stats to prove it:

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